Auto Enrolment presents a massive opportunity for Accountants and business advisers. By the end of 2018, a staggering 1.3 million companies will have had to implement a compliant pension scheme for their employees. At the very least they will have had to review their existing one.

The reality is however, Auto Enrolment is not solely about pensions. It is as much a communication and administration issue as a pension one; in fact it can even be a non regulated process, something not all Accountants are aware of. For many employers, their Accountant will be the first port of call for help in becoming Auto Enrolment compliant. This is where we come in, we provide comprehensive Auto Enrolment support for Accountants and their clients.

Our proposition is essentially twofold:

We offer a range of support services to Accountants to allow them to offer a complete Auto Enrolment solution to their clients. We essentially fill any gaps you may have in your existing Auto Enrolment proposition whether that is helping you to market and sell your proposition, implement compliant solutions to your clients or anything in between.
We offer a completely managed outsourced auto enrolment service for Accountants that do not want to get involved in the Auto Enrolment process, but would like to offer their clients a solution.

Generate New Business Opportunities

We offer a number of marketing support services that will help you generate new Auto Enrolment based opportunities. Our experienced marketing team have been helping Advisers with their lead generation, appointment setting and wider marketing initiatives for many years. Our web development team can also help you raise your profile online with modern, fresh looking websites and Auto Enrolment specific micro sites.

One of the key factors in successfully implementing Auto Enrolment is communication and awareness. Despite costly TV and media campaigns, the fact remains that the majority of employees are unaware of Auto Enrolment. Fewer still are aware of what it actually involves or how they will be affected.

We can help you implement communication programmes for your clients to help them get the Auto Enrolment message across to their employees. This can be done through both online and more traditional offline channels.

Auto Enrolment Sales Support

Our sales support is designed to help you convert your Auto Enrolment opportunities and grow your business. Support comes in the following forms (although not exhaustive):

  • Auto Enrolment Training – we can help train your Advisers to increase their Auto Enrolment knowledge, putting them in a better position to service your clients. This can be presented in various formats (i.e. 1-2-1, small groups, seminars)
  • Auto Enrolment Sales – we can attend meetings with you as your Auto Enrolment specialist, allowing you to focus on your core expertise
  • Auto Enrolment Sales Materials – we can provide white labelled information packs, presentations, posters and other sales materials to help support your sales process
  • Auto Enrolment Sales Tools – Access to a unique Auto Enrolment assessment report that allows you to present to an employer: where they currently sit within the Auto Enrolment process, where they need to be; and recommendations on what action they must take in order to become compliant

Auto Enrolment Implementation

Auto Enrolment is not just about pensions. Many Advisers expected to be able to simply refer their clients to the Government sponsored scheme or pass the responsibility on to a mainstream product provider. While this may seem a straightforward solution, it is not the case in reality and is presenting its own challenges.

Much of the work required to become Auto Enrolment compliant is administrative and is likely to make use of software or technology. We have built a team that will take care of the whole implementation process for your clients on your behalf.

You can be assured that our service will always be carried out to the highest possible standard and in a professional manner. We can help you with:

  • Building Auto Enrolment plans
  • Pre and Post staging date communications
  • Building and implementing a range of middleware and platform solutions
  • Education and training
  • Employer Helpdesk (online and telephone)

Increase Your Knowledge of Auto Enrolment

TAP Assist offer Auto Enrolment training to Advisers and Accountants who are looking to expand their Auto Enrolment knowledge. Auto Enrolment legislation is complex and the duties placed on employers are extensive. In order for you to help them properly it is important that you have a grasp on the subject and answers to the questions you will inevitably be asked.

What does the course cover?

The course is split in to five sections:

• Auto Enrolment overview
• Middleware solutions
• How to create a robust Auto Enrolment Proposition
• How to pitch Auto Enrolment services to your clients
• How to implement Auto Enrolment solutions for your clients

For a more detailed overview take a look at our course overview document.

How is the training delivered?

We take a flexible approach to delivering our training as we like to make it accessible as possible for anyone wishing to attend.

Designed for a minimum of 2 people. These workshops are ideal for small teams and companies looking to train multiple people. We come to you and deliver the course at your workplace.
Our seminars are perfect for individuals looking to get up to speed with Auto Enrolment and how they can offer a service to their clients. We run seminars throughout the whole of the UK. For more information or to find a seminar in your area, learn more.
We understand it is not always practical for people to take a whole day out of their schedule to attend a seminar. Likewise location can sometimes be an issue. We can deliver the course remotely via webinar in such instances. If this is of interest then let us know.

We also offer other complementary business solutions to help firms build multiple passive income streams and grow their business. Learn More

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