Due to the experience of the TAP Assist Directors, we are able to offer Advisers numerous other services, a number of which can sit within the Auto Enrolment environment on the platform.  All however can be promoted on a standalone basis and all are aimed at enabling Advisers to build up a number of passive income streams to increase the value of their business.

We have agreed terms and fee structures with a number of high quality suppliers which we have already built up strong business relationships over a period of years.

The majority of these services sit outside the regulated space and include:

  • An individual Life Cover comparison site
  • A General Insurance comparison site
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Value Added Services such as travel links and discounts
  • HR Services from the UK’s largest supplier
  • FX portal
  • Business solutions (Research and Development Tax Credits and Capital Allowances on commercial property)
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