Auto Enrolment is the biggest opportunity for Advisers in over a decade. By the end of 2018, a staggering 1.3 million companies will have had to implement a compliant pension scheme for their employees. At the very least they will have had to review their existing one.

The reality is however, Auto Enrolment is not solely about pensions. It is as much a communication and administration issue as a pension one. It is for this reason that many Advisers are finding difficulties in supporting their clients through the Auto Enrolment process. This is where we come in.

Our Simply Enrolment Proposition:

Simply Enrolment is A DIY, self administered solution that guides businesses through the Auto Enrolment legislation step by step.

We have developed an online help resource that is supplemented by a series of workbooks, guides and emails. The content allows the user to work through the legislation in their own time, build a suitable plan for Auto Enrolment and implement a compliant solution.

As part of the solution, access to a suitable qualifying workplace pension scheme is made available that guarantees to accept all levels of business. Furthermore, businesses are able to establish the scheme 18 months from their staging date and defer making any contributions until their staging date is reached. This helps avoid inflated fees, issues with capacity and any teething issues as the staging date approaches.

• The major pension providers do not have the capacity to deal with the volume of businesses that require assistance and are cherry picking profitable schemes

• Typically Financial Adviser fees are too expensive for typical SME firms

• Government sponsored schemes such as NEST, offer no support and no flexibility

• The majority of accountants do not offer any support in the Auto Enrolment space

Generate Income From Auto Enrolment

We have structured our Simply Enrolment proposition to offer generous referral fees to Adviser partners. They can benefit from a cut of the standard Simply Enrolment fees for every client they introduce to Simply Enrolment. Partners earn for the duration that the client is a fee paying customer.

We have 3 levels of Simply Enrolment partner:

Option 1:  Simply Enrolment Referral Partner

Once signed up, referral partners are issued with a code that they ask clients to enter when they sign up to the service online.

Simply Enrolment track the code and fees are paid back to the partner. This is ideal for partners who do not foresee referring a large volume of employers but who would like to offer a solution when approached. This can help Advisers retain relationships and prevent clients speaking to other parties for help.


Option 2:  Simply Enrolment Referral Plus Partner

Referral Plus Partners benefit from their own branded order page for all clients to sign up from. This removes the onus from the user to enter the partners’ code as referrals are tracked automatically. This option is perfect for partners who are actively pursuing Auto Enrolment business and would like to associate their brand more closely with Simply Enrolment.


Option 3:  Simply Enrolment Referral Pro Partner

For Advisers who are looking to generate significant income streams from Auto Enrolment, Pro Partners are given a white labelled version of the Simply Enrolment front end website.  This allows them to create an Auto Enrolment brand in partnership with Simply Enrolment, offer their own pricing structure and drive new business.


Create a Flexible Auto Enrolment Service

Why not tailor your services to work in conjunction with Simply Enrolment?  Let Simply Enrolment do the bulk of the heavy lifting but be on hand to offer one off services to clients to build even more revenue.

Popular services might include:

  • an existing pension review
  • advice as to the suitability of the qualifying workplace pension scheme
  • group advice workshops for employees
  • general Auto Enrolment guidance


Auto Enrolment Sales Support

Our sales support is designed to help you convert your Auto Enrolment opportunities and grow your business. Support comes in the following forms (although not exhaustive):

  • Auto Enrolment Training – we can help train your Advisers to increase their Auto Enrolment knowledge, putting them in a better position to service your clients. This can be presented in various formats (i.e. 1-2-1, small groups, seminars)
  • Auto Enrolment Sales – we can attend meetings with you as your Auto Enrolment specialist, allowing you to focus on your core expertise
  • Auto Enrolment Sales Materials – we can provide white labelled information packs, presentations, posters and other sales materials to help support your sales process
  • Auto Enrolment Sales Tools – Access to a unique Auto Enrolment assessment report that allows you to present to an employer: where they currently sit within the Auto Enrolment process, where they need to be; and recommendations on what action they must take in order to become compliant

Auto Enrolment Implementation

Auto Enrolment is not just about pensions. Many Advisers expected to be able to simply refer their clients to the Government sponsored scheme or pass the responsibility on to a mainstream product provider. While this may seem a straightforward solution, it is not the case in reality and is presenting its own challenges.

Much of the work required to become Auto Enrolment compliant is administrative and is likely to make use of software or technology. We have built a team that will take care of the whole implementation process for your clients on your behalf.

You can be assured that our service will always be carried out to the highest possible standard and in a professional manner. We can help you with:

  • Building Auto Enrolment plans
  • Pre and Post staging date communications
  • Building and implementing a range of middleware and platform solutions
  • Education and training
  • Employer Helpdesk (online and telephone)

We also offer other complementary business solutions to help firms build multiple passive income streams and grow their business. Learn More

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