Why independent solutions are needed in the market place.
This is an interesting article from employeebenefits.co.uk that puts forward some valid points concerning the resources within the mainstream pensions industry and its ability to provide pensions and by default Auto Enrolment (AE) compliance solutions for employers. TAP Assist has long advocated that an adviser cannot justify making a pension recommendation based on the AE compliance solution that a pension company offers. An independent compliance solution that is not tied to a provider will allow the employer to have control of their compliance and data  regardless of the pension solution(s).

TAP Assist has been created to offer a comprehensive and flexible set of support services encompassing all areas of Sales, Marketing and Implementation which will allow the Adviser to concentrate on their core financial services and offer a fully independent solution to their clients.

We can also help you avoid the capacity crunch with our new AE Ready solution, please get in contact if need any help with Auto Enrolment.

Original Article:  http://www.employeebenefits.co.uk/benefits/pensions/pensions-auto-enrolment/opinion/the-capacity-crunch-and-auto-enrolment/102233.article