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3 Articles You Should Read from Last Week – Ending 24.01.14

Auto Enrolment News – 3 Articles You Should Read
Last week was an interesting one in terms of Auto Enrolment news.  A number of articles were published that really caught the eye and invoked a strong reaction from the team!  Something tells me that there will be follow up to these articles in the shape of more thorough blog posts so watch this space for our opinions on here.

The 3 articles in the firing line are:

Government confirms delay to pension charges cap
Government targets auto-enrol ‘middleware’ in new charges clampdown
Providers ‘misleading’ advisers on auto-enrolment capacity

Do you have any thoughts and opinions on these articles and how they affect Advisers and their clients?  All comments are much appreciated.


3 Things You Should Know From Last Week – Ending 10.01.14

Our pick of Auto Enrolment News articles from last week, grab a coffee and take 10 mins to have a read through.

Communication strategies to engage staff with pensions auto-enrolment
Official stats show 2.6m auto-enrolled, 10m in pension
Why compliance holds the key to auto-enrolment success

As always, if these articles raise any questions, drop us a line, we are always happy to discuss things in more detail.

4 Things You Should Know From Last Week – Ending 15.11.13

A good mix of articles this week looking at Auto Enrolment from a number of different perspectives.  Interestingly, there is a strong theme suggesting the main underlying problem is still the lack of understanding and education around the whole process.  This is true of both Advisers and employers.  The majority seem to still be underestimating the scale of what is involved, not just to become compliant but to manage the process on an ongoing basis.

Auto Enrolment Orphan’ Numbers Set to Soar As Capacity Crunch Takes its Toll
Five adviser concerns on an auto-enrolment charge cap
Auto-enrolment triggers cash flow concerns for SMEs
Employers would support group risk auto-enrolment

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3 Things You Should Know From Last Week – Ending 13.09.13

Keeping you up to date with the latest Auto Enrolment news and articles, our recommended reading from last week consists of:

FD’s – don’t assume anything about auto enrolment!

Third of workers demand bosses pay for financial advice – research

Auto-enrolment and the under-prepared SME

The messages in these articles would make great content for an email marketing campaign targeting either existing clients or prospects.  Linking it up with a more extensive blog piece of your own and a call to action to schedule a meeting or call would work very well.  This is a simple way of engaging with your clients and prospects, providing them with valuable up to date knowledge in the process.

Auto Enrolment News – 3 Things You Should Know From Last Week – ending 06.09.13

Last week’s Auto Enrolment News articles that caught our eye were:

DWP: ‘Less than 10%’ opting out of auto-enrolment

This continues the trend seen with some of the bigger employers, a figure much lower than originally forecast.  Will we see this kind of rate as we head towards the SME market?

With 90 per cent remaining in auto enrolment pension schemes, unprepared SMEs could be left with a nasty surprise if they don’t act soon…

And finally some examples here from a few Advisers explaining briefly how they charge for Auto Enrolment advice:

This is an area that is of great interest to us and we will shortly be launching an Adviser Workshop series of our own, outlining some simple tips and advice of how Advisers can charge for Auto Enrolment.  The workshops will also highlight where you can outsource certain aspects of the service to add value for themselves and their clients.

Auto Enrolment News – 3 Things You Should Know From Last Week

Our team actively browse the web for interesting and important auto enrolment articles on a daily basis.  Our new feature brings you what we view as the most interesting or note worthy reads of the week.  We know you are busy, let us do the filtering for you.

The majority of what we serve up will be Adviser facing however there will be a good mix of what is important to Employers as they approach their staging dates, perfect information for you to share with your clients or prospects.

Here our our top 3 articles for this week:

PFS: Advisers must grasp ‘huge’ auto-enrol advice opportunity:

‘Micro Firm’ opportunity for Financial Advisers:—-039micro-firm—-039-opportunity-for-financial-advisers-5300.htm

Pension Advisers: ‘Our worst fears are developing’:

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