In order to make the most of the Auto Enrolment opportunity, Advisers must acquire and retain customers.  As a result, marketing and sales need to become an important area of focus.  Creating an effective auto enrolment marketing strategy can be done very quickly and easily using the SOSTAC planning model.

Situation Analysis – Where are we now?

Objectives – Where do we want to go?

Strategy – How do we get there?

Tactics – How exactly do we get there?

Actions – Who does what and when?

Control – How do we measure our success and effectiveness?

This method lays out in logical terms all the things that Advisers should consider when it comes to implementing their auto enrolment marketing strategies or campaigns.  Over the coming weeks we will be looking at the process of building an auto enrolment marketing strategy in much more detail, taking a deeper look at each stage in the process.  We will explain how Advisers can build a marketing approach that will win them new business and maximise the value they can create through their existing relationships and clients.

Many Advisers will already have completed some of the steps, quite possibly subconsciously or have the basics to a plan in their head.  That’s great, however having written it down and documented can help fine tune the strategy (particularly the tactics!) and help the rest of the Adviser business buy in to the bigger picture.  Keep tuned to our blog and follow us on Twitter (@tapassistAE) for the series in the coming days and weeks.

If you haven’t already, now is definitely the time to shift your activity up a notch or 3, the key thing however is not to panic and take a scatter gun approach.  A plan can […]