Last week’s Auto Enrolment News articles that caught our eye were:

DWP: ‘Less than 10%’ opting out of auto-enrolment

This continues the trend seen with some of the bigger employers, a figure much lower than originally forecast.  Will we see this kind of rate as we head towards the SME market?

With 90 per cent remaining in auto enrolment pension schemes, unprepared SMEs could be left with a nasty surprise if they don’t act soon…

And finally some examples here from a few Advisers explaining briefly how they charge for Auto Enrolment advice:

This is an area that is of great interest to us and we will shortly be launching an Adviser Workshop series of our own, outlining some simple tips and advice of how Advisers can charge for Auto Enrolment.  The workshops will also highlight where you can outsource certain aspects of the service to add value for themselves and their clients.